Ver 1.0.3 - UI Updates + Small Tweaks

Version 1.0.3 Released.

*This will most likely be the last tweak and QoL addition to this game for a good while. unless something is broken

  • Allowed directional keys to be used select in-game menus now
    (unless you used your mouse and clicked the background after the menu appears)
  • Added a Burger - A recovery item might drop from a Yukkuri at a very low rate
  • Simplified item descriptions
  • Corrected wrong values in item descriptions
  • Gungnir adjusted - Previously had a chance to miss fast moving enemies
  • Adjusted the spawnrates after the 20minute mark
    (How long can you survive now? :) )


Banking It EASY! Ver1.0.3a 35 MB
Aug 27, 2022

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