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love the cutscenes


Interesting gameplay ideas, I appreciate that you made the absolute most out of your dev time through a cleverly thought out animation system, 4 weapons wow! I really like the fists rewarding well-timed inputs for faster punches

I still haven’t finished Elden Ring, hope I didn’t get spoiled haha

I would say most of the elden ring and ff:origins references are seen in very early parts of the game or their trailers so... safe I guess 😉


harder than dark souls

Added a QoL version, in case you want to play but you have a different keyboard layout or prefers using controllers. 

Only doing a windows build for now since nobody seems to be getting other versions, but if you need it for mac or anything else, do ask. Web version will still be the original jam version.

Do try to use the Jam versions of the game for rating as much as possible.

Web, Mac and Linux version are now up.