A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Things have begun going missing throughout Gensokyo. Marisa having her broom and hakkero gone missing, decides to venture out on her two feet and find out the cause of the incident.

Gameplay & Controls 
(mouse may be required if menus are not responsive)

Move around using the arrow keys
Hold Shift/Space - Enter focus mode & strafe
Z - Shoot / Select
X - Bomb
ESC - pause in game

However beware! You can use each shot only once. If you get hit, you will lose the shots you have collected. Getting hit with no shots in your inventory will end your adventure. Defeat foes around you to gain more shots and plow through!

Gameplay Notes
-Play Route A at least once to Unlock Route B
-Route B's maps are similar to Route A but have different mobs and bosses


Team Members
hp78 - Systems Programmer
Sinchronise - Game Designer + Programmer
Rozarai - Game Designer + Programmer
Vento - Artist
RaythalosM - Artist
JLam - Composer

Engine Unity 2017.1.0.f3
Tiling Software Tiled
Tiled Plugin Tiled2Unity
Font Creative Block


Touhou Kankyo Hakai - PoID (Windows) .zip 24 MB
Touhou Kankyo Hakai - PoID (Mac) .zip 25 MB
Touhou Kankyo Hakai - PoID (Linux) .zip 27 MB


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(2 edits)

Fantastic graphics and CG!

The plot, the variety of danmaku and danmaku itself are also all well-designed, greaat~

BTY it seems a little sudden when the end comes so I suggest making a small performance of ending~(Of course it's only a suggestion, and it doesn't matter actually!) →Sorry for that I haven't seen the route B carefully so actually there IS an ending, gooood ><

Really a good work~! :)