Orin's been set up! 

"Eh...?" - Satori
A bomb's been planted on her wheel barrow and if she stops moving - KAPOW. 

Plow your way through fairies, youkais and passersby. Stack up on a corpse pile on your wheel barrow to protect yourself from the bullet hell.

Gameplay & Controls  
Menus - Mouse
Dialogue & Cutscenes - Enter / Space

Move - WASD
Focus - Left Shift
Shoot - J
Bomb - K

Move - Arrow Keys
Focus - Right Ctrl
Shoot - NUM1
Bomb - NUM2


Team Members 

hp78 - Systems Programmer 
Sinchronise - Game Designer + Programmer
Rozen Rozarai - Game Designer + Programmer
Vento - Artist
JLam - Composer

Install instructions


Windows  - Open up Runtime Massacre to play to play
Mac - Open up the Runtime Massaacre .app



Runtime Massacre (Windows) 29 MB
Runtime Massacre (Linux) 29 MB
Runtime Massacre (Mac) 30 MB


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A side-scrolling SHMUP that has good art and good humor.  Gameplay is a bit unique with the cart carrying mechanic.

Hilarious! Quality assets, and every bit of text was a joy to read. Please make a full polished version of this game. :D

I do think the corpse mechanic (and some enemy attack patterns) could use some tweaking so it's not so potentially overpowered but also not so easy to completely lose.

Top notch itch.io page design.